City-Wide Home Delivery & Covid-19 Announcement

City-Wide Home Delivery & Covid-19 Announcement

Dear RD Friends & Family,
*An Update Effective Immediately*

Following the current advice from the Government & the NHS to the public re COVID-19, while considering the size of our restaurant - & what was always planned to be the week of our centralised delivery launch - we are taking precautionary measures & moving all operations to City-wide Home Delivery & Ashton Lane Take-Away Only.

We now have a dedicated central hub for delivery operations so will reach further city-wide for your ramen fix. Effective immediately Ramen Dayo is operating as follows 

  • *CITY-WIDE HOME DELIVERY* via Deliveroo, with Uber Eats joining shortly to City Centre, Southside, West & East ends. Yes - almost everywhere, & contact-free drop-off available.
  • *ASHTON LANE* TAKE-AWAY only via contactless card payment (no-cash) & contact-free collection (no-hugs at this time).

We would like to reassure you that we are following all necessary extra steps with hygiene, & aiming to continue serving bowls of ramen, as warm & nourishing as ever, to your destination of choice.

We imagine you will appreciate how difficult these decisions are to make in unprecedented times. The hospitality industry is in a precarious situation because the government has advised people to stay away, but has not sent instruction to close down. There are 3.2 million jobs at risk in our industry, including our staff, with many businesses threatened with closure like ours. Here’s yesterday’s commentary in The Guardian — "Because the Prime Minister is just advising the public not to go to pubs & restaurants, our insurance won’t cover us. If he had said that we cannot open, then we would have been able to claim. But this has left us in limbo & struggling to cover our costs & overheads without any insurance cover.”

We would also like to highlight that we operate a strictly zero-tolerance policy against any form of prejudice or discrimination in our vicinity - anything of the sort will be dealt with by the Police, as it was last week.

We're regrouping daily to reassess the best steps forward - to subscribe.

Sending love, (strictly virtual) hugs & ramen,

RD x

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