Ashton Lane 2.0

Ashton Lane 2.0


Dear friends of Ramen Dayo,

Today I have to announce that due to circumstances out-with my control, the Queen Street City Centre Branch is now permanently closed - with no further involvement from myself or our team. Ashton Lane remains open and thriving. As much as it pains me to see the old location go, this is the most positive evolution possible for Ramen Dayo.

As many of you know, the seeds were sown in 2014 when I returned from 12 years living in Tokyo to find that there were no dedicated ramen shops in Scotland. My ramen addiction wasn’t satisfied by what was on offer, so I cooked for years at home, inviting my friends round to try these experiments in my quest to make the perfect ramen.

From all our locations - Gordon Lane, to Queen St, to our latest addition of Ashton Lane - we've stayed true to these recipes, and remained the first and only dedicated Ramen shop in Scotland.

The food was married with the traditional Yatai cart, which I built by hand, after shipping the main wheel base from Tokyo. It was designed to sit in the yokocho-style alley, with showa-era decorations - you can see my original sketch of the idea from 2016 on display in Ashton Lane (or below). 

The good news is that the benefits of now having one Ramen Dayo in Ashton Lane are shining through —Since then, Ramen Dayo has received fantastic accolades from the New York Times to The Herald and from many food bloggers alike.  Reviews are flattering and deeply motivating, but should be considered milestones for our ongoing mission, which is to consistently deliver a better bowl of ramen than the last.

  • We’ve upgraded the Ashton Lane premises, with outdoor seating and other touches to enjoy the few days of nice Glasgow weather.
  • I'm excited for you to try all the new dishes we’ve been working on - New Wave Tokyo Style ramen, Tebasaki Wings, Takoyaki, and other rotating specials and cocktails, which are serving from today.
  • New-but-vintage Tannoy speakers are installed, joined by curated playlists from some of our favourite musical friends.
  • There’s a huge selection of imported sake for you to try out on our new speed rail - code-named The Magnificent Seven.

To all of you loyal customers who have already messaged their support - thank you - it really has meant the world to us over the last month. To all our Queen St regulars - please make the journey West to visit, until we are able to find the perfect location in the city centre.

Myself and our wonderful crew look forward to welcoming you to the Ramen Dayo on Ashton Lane, with more exciting updates to follow. Accept no substitutes.

With love & dedication,

Paul and all the Ramen Dayo staff
— 31 Ashton Lane, Upstairs (near Hillhead U), Glasgow G12 8SJ


ps. On the subject of new beginnings, my partner Lois and I will be welcoming a small human to this world in a couple of weeks. Apologies in advance if there are too many baby pics appearing on your feed 🍼

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